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Grayrigg does Kendal Torchlight - and wins!

Torchlight Carnival is a huge event in Kendal and one the majority of school’s participate in. It is one of those events that never fails to remind me how lucky I am to be part of such an amazing school and community. Educationally, Torchlight couldn’t come at a worse time of year, only one week into the first term of the new academic year. Teachers are trying to establish routines, settle in the new children - in theory the idea of building a float, costumes and props should fill me with dread but here at Grayrigg, I love it.

Every year, I am reminded how much the parents (past and present) believe in and support our special little school. As soon as the theme is announced a meeting is held and ideas discussed. This year’s theme could not have been more appropriate; THINK BIG. Parents share their talents, some help with the painting, some make things, some even check the health and safety and of course Mr Dodgson provides the tractor. They get together to add the finishing touches and myself and Mrs Neal have the pleasure of organising the children. Everyone turns up and plays their part, the whole school participates with the younger children riding in the trailer and the older children walking behind (this time all joined up as a millipede). Some of the parents lead at the front, others hand out balloons and jelly beans, and some follow at the back keeping the children going. Everybody walks around the route smiling and cheering proud to be part of this amazing little school.

Both myself and Mrs Neal end the night feeling inspired, inspired by what the parents have created, inspired by the number of people who turn up to support us and inspired that the people who trust us with their most precious little things everyday have so much faith in the school that they really are willing to go the extra mile for us.

…. and of course the added icing on the cake this year was winning - the best school in torchlight trophy (for the second time)… proving that our small school really is capable of THINKING BIG!

Thank you all!

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