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Friends of Grayrigg School

Friends of Grayrigg School really are that - Friends! They involve themselves in many different ways. Organising fundraising, social events and getting involved using their own personal skills are just some of the ways in which FOGS support our school.

This year FOGS have been able to support a very exciting project - the outdoor development. Alongside the purchase of some new exciting ICT software and hardware, fortnightly visits from an art specialist and much more. To those of you who have supported the bag packs, the car-boot sales, raffles, and other events, I cannot express my gratitude enough. More exciting though, is that we are all part of the same team with one common aim - to ensure the extraordinary children of our school have the best education we can give them and more.

Parents and friends have collectively utilised their skills and talents to bring us The Great Grayrigg Beer Festival, Torchlight, Car Boot, Afternoon Tea (amazing portions!), Car Treasure Hunt (finishing with a pub meal), Winter Film Afternoons and Family Social Evenings. Whether it’s pinning up an event poster when you do the weekly shop, being good at bringing people together, making a great Victoria Sponge or having a clear out to sell at the car boot. Whatever talent or time you have will always be welcomed

With FOGS there is no right or wrong way to get involved - all support is appreciated and FOGS are always open to new ideas. If you can’t attend the meetings that’s fine. Let one of the officer know if there is an event you would like to help with or an idea you have. They don’t always have to be about fundraising - FOGS are always looking for ways to get parents together and for new experiences they can provide for the children.

“The highlight for me this year has to be our entry in the Torchlight Parade. I loved working together with parents and children making props and costumes, knowing so many people helped puff up balloons in front of the telly the night before and seeing the teachers dressed up and walking on the night, in heels! The children waved and smiled with pride as the crowds cheered “Go Grayrigg”. Everyone did something to show that although we are a small school, that doesn’t stop us from doing big things. To top it all we won! Vanessa Eaves-Butterworth (secretary)

A word from the Chair of FOGS: Rachel Dodgson

I have been a member of FOGS for many years and seen changes along the way - I would like to think it is a group now to provide many things - raising money, bringing our community together and for the children to have a good time. We have a huge support out there, even though we are a small school.

One of my best times has been making Christmas cakes, before we had school dinners in school, I used to make and sell small Christmas cakes to raise enough money to buy the ingredients for a Christmas dinner, so that Dawn Kelly and myself could then make the full traditional Christmas dinner, with all the trimmings, for the children, staff and governors, as everyone used to have to bring a packed lunch.

I also liked our Afternoon Tea which started off as being rather a dream - it all came together with the help of Barbara and Vanessa. You will often hear the motto “Team work, makes the dream work” and it is so very true – when we work together there is nothing that can’t be achieved!.

We really do have some very special mums, dads, past parents and the village community who all believe in making our school succeed and thrive.