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Acorns - KS1

Engaging with children and inspiring them to learn

Who are we?

The Acorn class is made up of children in years 1 and 2. Every child is valued as an individual and challenged to achieve their own potential.

In the Acorns the values are:

Year 1 – Forgiveness – To always say sorry if we break the friendship rules (on purpose or accidentally) and to always forgive if someone says they are sorry.

Year 2 – Trust and Honesty – To always tell the truth and be honest. To never ask or expect someone to lie for us.

The children are very proud of their values and they are part of everything they do and believe in. We expect and encourage the children to play their part by having a positive attitude to their work, play and friends.

Our Aim:

We strive to create an environment where children, staff and everyone connected with school feels valued for their uniqueness and special gifts. We want all our children to leave school with happy memories of their time at Grayrigg. No child is invisible; we treasure and nurture each child as they reach milestones in their learning. As the children move from the excitement and independence of the Tiny Acorns, we aim to we support children as they develop their understanding of the “wobble”. Understanding the “wobble” is understanding that learning is often challenging but that it is OK to feel that challenge and keep working through it. We aim to support them to keep going through the wobble. We also aim to support them to recognise when they are not feeling challenged enough and to seek challenge in their independent learning. For more about wobbling read our head teacher’s blog here.

What we do:

In the Acorn’s we have morning activities until playtime, which include a range of practical, resource based mathematical and English challenges, along with teacher led phonics sessions. These are developed to support independence and challenge within their core learning. After a short break time the children have a more structured maths or English lesson.

We promote independent, active learning indoors and out. Planning is based on the children’s needs and interests. Afternoons in the Acorns are always exciting,

Every Monday afternoon they enjoy Forest School with Miss Littlewood, this is a fantastic opportunity for the children to develop an understanding of the world around them, take risks and learn in their natural environment.

Every other afternoon, they remain with their core class teacher Miss Kelly. Whilst Science and RE are taught as a whole class, the foundation subjects: Art, History, Geography and DT are taught through challenges. This area is carefully planned to ensure children are challenged.

In the DT area, children have weekly skill based and safety challenges culminating in designing and making a product relating to the skills they have developed.

The art area works the same as the DT area with children developing skills each week, culminating in creative projects linked to their own interests.

In the reading café children have the opportunity to research independently; recording their learning to be shared with the class.

And finally, we have the special treasure case, a vintage suitcase that is filled with interesting objects to promote discussion - for example, when we were learning about schools in the past, it contained different writing apparatus from the past for the children to explore.

Alongside this, we have other learning opportunities available, including a technology area, junk modelling and our lovely outdoor area which includes a texture kitchen and music area.

Our PE sessions happen twice a week, games with our resident coach - Coach Matty and an additional session where we try to introduce non-competitive sports or new sports. So far this year this has included acrobatics and wheelchair basketball.